Nature Speaks..

>Some amazing faces of nature, captured beautifully by Ram during a trip which we 5 school friends took to Kasauli. Trying to lent voice to the nature here.
(The credit of the basic idea of this blog also goes to Ram ji)

Where There is a Will, there is a Way

There are mountains to climb and hardships to endure.. the important thing is to keep the faith

The poison flowing on to the tree – sucking the life out of it.
(Note the difference in color of the victim tree and others around it)
The fight between the Green and Grey continues

Human Nature – One never stops once he has achieved something – after climbing one peak, he looks for other, higher peaks. They look beautiful from far. Once on it, may be you feel more cold

How often in Life do you find yourself in such a situation – which way to go – difficult to decide

Among the hills, the greenery, the lovely weather, the onset of spring stands a lonely, deserted, sad tree – trying to analyze where he went wrong

11 Responses to Nature Speaks..

  1. vishesh says:

    >Bedis, u did see Dagshai frm Kasuali afterall; See the snap captioned “Human nature-One never ..blah blah”….That is Dagshai and 1-2 house buildings from APS are visible too…the ones with the red roofs and white overalls

  2. Fleiger says:

    >That’s a great idea for a post… Lyrical and photos…Next time can we have a short poem to go with each?

  3. Anonymous says:

    >pretty scintillating comments yaar!esp. the ‘which way to go….’ jaane yeh raste, yeh pal, yeh zindagi le jaye kahan………

  4. SiD says:

    >@vishesh: lo ji aapki bhi school ki yaadien taza ho gayi!!@fleiger: have tried that poem with fotos wala funda once earlier: @anon: thanks..

  5. yukthesh says:

    >Sexy Blog.. Its really 2 good.. Nice wording going with the pics.. That makes the blog really nice.. No doubt the place is beautiful but the words u have associated with these picutures has given it a new meaning, a new colour. Bole toh ek naya hi rang aur andaaz..Lage raho Paaji..

  6. Tarun says:

    >Thought provoking.. would have liked more examples

  7. Neha says:

    >Awesome.. once again.. u just xactly kno how to touch the chords.. with this lemme shower some more praise on u..Vo raat.. Am i still over it?? nopes!!! lemme take some more time to sink it.. it was “…”

  8. SiD says:

    >@jalali: as always thanks!!@tarun: i would have liked some examples of examples from you! ;)@neha: well 😉

  9. Fleiger says:

    >That was nice… want more poems :DYou have converted me, at least halfway…

  10. SiD says:

    >@fleiger: Oh I am honored even if I have been able to generate even an iota of interest in you for poems 🙂

  11. romika says:

    >hmmmmmm…sid stud has put up a splendid display of our beautiful trip that day, we all had a great time reliving school days,,,ahem!!!i am not a nature lover ,so now actually i am getting to see the beauty which went unnoticed amidst the laughter and the badmaashis!!!

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