And Set Free……

4 Responses to Abstract!!

  1. Mahadevan says:

    >what does this portray? ur life at NMIMS so far 😀

  2. SiD says:

    >@maddie: It is abstract- hence open to any interpretation… but must say you have very strong logical & reasoning skills !!! (though I had nothing of that sorts in mind when I posted this)

  3. Sanchit says:

    >hahaha….wonderful sid….each one interprets the abstract as he desires…lemme see….it is the cycle of love- captured i.e. attraction, prisoned i.e attachment, punctured i.e mistrust and betrayal, trapped i.e depression or unacceptance and finally Set free i.e. renunciation;the cycle repeats itself- in every relationship of this world- over and over again 😀

  4. SiD says:

    >I must say.. being abstract is amazing!!! kya ideas hain.. kya view points hain… waaah!!

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