Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

No Getting Lost here


Since childhood, I was under the impression that at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, there is a maze of confusing alleys where often people get lost. The name – Jantar Mantar also had a sound of mystery and magic to it. I had always wanted to come here to test my sense of direction. Finally when I went there, I couldn’t find anything that one could get lost in.

Jantar Mantar is a the 18th century version of a space laboratory. Even if one wants to understand that how the strange-looking structures, it is a bit tough without a guide. These observatories with barely visible scales and markings played the role of clocks 1700’s. They help in calculating time of the day, co-ordinates of heavenly bodies, movement of sun, moon and planets etc.

It is generally recommended that you visit this place early morning or late evening – time when you can make some sense of the shadows which helped in the calculations. I went there at 9 but could not really grasp the logic of it all.
May be its the same for everyone else as people here were more interested in getting clicked among these ‘strange’ structures or relax in the lush green lawns.

Badi Ghadi

6 Responses to Jantar Mantar

  1. Mridula says:

    Seems like it has got a new coat of paints? Both the pictures are well framed.

  2. Nisha says:

    Fresh coat of paints or retouch on photoshop? The red is very striking.

    BTW, forgot to tell you… subscription to comments has started working. πŸ˜€

  3. I always wondered how much fun it will be to play chupan chupai in janter mantar….

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