Sukhna Lake

Chandigarh is a modern city, built 10 years after independence. Unlike Delhi, there is no real history associated with it. But Sukhna Lake is a place which is associated with my own life’s history. It has been a go-to spot since childhood with the peak of Sukhna attachment coming during the 4 years of college when we were there every other day.
There have been a lot of changes at lake. First a small amusement park came up with joy rides for children. Now, it is almost finished. A windmill was installed. The entrance was beautified. Then there was a tower on an island within the lake which was had become iconic and a symbol for the lake. Today too, if you google for Sukhna lake, you will see that tower in almost all the pictures. One fine day, on visit to Chandigarh something felt different. The tower was absent. It had burned down.

But all these changes have happened only at the entrance. Once you move beyond this commercialised space into the real lake – everything is same. It has been the same for years. The ‘suicide tower’, the big banyan tree, a high lookout platform, the classical music playing in the background, the sweet smell of flowers, cool shade of trees, calm waters, lots of green and unforgettable memories.

All coming together to make the Sukhna Lake one of my favorite places !




8 Responses to Sukhna Lake

  1. Nisha says:

    I have visited it only once for a few minutes and I quite liked it. Where does it get water form?

    • SiD... says:

      It used to get it from a stream from shivalik hills (which form the background). Not sure if it is still there..At the end of Sukhna there is some kind of dam they have built…so may be from there… not sure though (damn!)

  2. Bas kar chote ab aur kitna rulayega…. 😀

    Ye Suicide point to interesting hai….. The only case i can remember was of a person who decided to take a dip along with his scooter, drove strt into lake….

  3. Neeraj says:

    One my Fav place in chd…used to enjoy the bullet ride on the road opposite to lake…also the paddle boat rides and fast food from that restaurant..dont rem the name…thode bade hue toh lake chod ke uske peeche janne lage..the famous kaimbwala village for obvious reasons…:)
    great great place….

    • SiD... says:

      for me fav places not only in chd.. but in this whole wide world 😉
      Knew about the back of the lake spots.. but have gone there only a couple of times… the front side has that pull 😉

  4. Samaresh biswal says:

    bful pic

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