The day I missed my camera

Fields at Chhindwara

It was a trip to the so called roots of India, the bottom of the pyramid – the villages of Madhya Pradesh. It was work related but I did carry my camera along hoping to get some good shots – something different from the monuments which have been in focus for some time now.
But that was not to be. The days I tugged the camera along to work, there were no real opportunities for clicks. And the one day when everything came together for a perfect photo op, I did not have the equipment.

Perfect it really was. Evening time, cloudy skies with sun playing hide and seek and acres of picture perfect yellow wheat fields. The work carried on long into the night and the area did not enjoy the benefits of electricity making the starry night sky look simply beautiful and a dream for any kind of night photography. But sadly, this time there were only the eyes and mobile’s camera to capture these lovely sights.

Wheat fields

2 Responses to The day I missed my camera

  1. Ankit Jain says:

    Did u worked on photos, looking too bright 🙂

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