One Nyt @ Chamundi Hills

Me with a magnificent view of Mysore City in the backdrop

4 guys, 2 bikes and a late night excursion to Chamundi Hills, around 13 km from Mysore. Chamundi Hills is basically a temple built on a hill near Mysore. But we didn’t have any religious thoughts on our minds. It was a mere late night biking trip. Akash, Amrut, KT and I left around 11.00 PM. We had to follow road directions to find the right path for some time. But soon the bike wheels started to clock more revolutions per minute as we neared the foot of the hills and didn’t need more directions. Then started the climb and the first scene that struck me was the open, vast, unending sky filled with a million stars all shining brightly at us.
Soon we reached a point on the road where we were stunned… stunned on seeing the view on the down below the hill. There was the city of Mysore… brightly lit in yellow and expanding beyond the horizon to infinity… and in the center of it – the Mysore Palace stood distinguishing itself from the rest of the city. After a brief stopover and admiring the view we continued further above to the temple. I took the driving seat of the Pulsar and drove for the first time in a hilly terrain. We witnessed a similar magnificent view of the city from there and then returned to the old spot.

Akash sleepin on his bike with a view of Mysore in the Background
It was time to enjoy the sounds of silence now. All four of us sat there in silence, just looking at the grand view in front of us with a light, cold breeze soothing our souls. The feeling was wonderful.
Around 12.00 we decided to head back. I was behind Akash this time and after gliding down hill in neutral for some time, he decided to move on… and it was a thrilling move on.. Engine was revved up and given full throttle, which on the curvy, bendy roads of the hill was bone chilling.. Then after climbing downhill, there was a long stretch of straight road on which I saw the bike touching hundred. Sure the Pulsar is a good machine!!!
At the end of the long road, I took over the controls and then came the real one…
After crossing two speed breakers on a road, I had gathered some speed. I had some one telling me deep down that one more speed breaker will come..I ignored the call..Then suddenly realized that Amrut was braking in front of me. There indeed was one more breaker. So it was full brakes on.. the rear tyre skidding away to the right… Akash was shouting, don’t brake, jump over.. but strangely I was really calm inside.. the mind working quickly but like it knew what it was doing. On hindsight I feel that the bike may have really gone out of control but at that moment there was no such feeling. When I ponder I can’t find a reason for why there were no nerves. As we neared the speed breaker, I released the brake and accelerated. It was a clean pass over the speed breaker. May be playing games on computer does some good afterall. Because I had done this a lot of times while playing NFS, though on a computer console rather than real life!!!
Well, it was a cool, eventless ride back home after that. We reached back at around 1.00 AM after a thrilling as well as calm and exhilarating experience.

Trip to Hemgiri Waterfalls (15 Aug’05)


It was a cloudy day and we had just attended our ex-PL’s marriage party. Some of my ex-Project mates had come from different cities to which they have now been transferred. Before their departure back into the routines of the daily grind, we were having lunch together and reliving the old days. In came Bharath, our senior in the project but who had become more of a friend rather than a boss! He was to go with his friends to some waterfalls around 80 km from Mysore but his friends left without him. The first thought that came to my mind “How mean friends. How could have they not taken him along”. What he told after that, forced my perceptions to take a 180 degree turn. It was his mistake. What do u do with a friend who sleeps lazily till 10.30, despite being reminded many times. Nevertheless, he was interested in going there. He asked if any one else was interested. I thought, “It was three day holiday – A rare one u get in a private company. I was to go to Goa (it got cancelled due to rains) and we have been rotting away sitting at home for past two and a half days. It was time to have some fun”
I agreed. He was also happy for getting some company. We left immediately.
The Hemgiri waterfalls were around 80 km and we had a bike. The sky was thick with clouds, lovely breeze was blowing and here I was sitting on a bike after many months – it felt great!!!

Soon after we had got out of mysore. It started raining. Bharath asked, “Is it fine to move on in rain.” Fine??? It was out of the world. I was reminded of my college days. It is not everyday that the weather is so pleasant in chandigarh and during the good old days, whenever clouds covered the sky and there was a possibility of a rain – it was time for a gedi around the city,specially lake, behind Lolly’s LML, Rompy’s CBZ or in my car!!!
And here I was – under the rain, on a bike, feeling free like a bird.
Soon the road got rough as we entered some rural parts of Karnataka. Following the muddy, bumpy roads we carried on. The sugarcane fields sidelined the road and it was reminiscent of our own Punjab’s “Ganne de khet” . And I could smell the sweet fragrance of Jaggery which as Bharath later told were made at many places along that highway only. We decided to stop and taste them on our way back.
The scenery had now changed. Far away from the rushes of the city (though mysore is not that crowded city), under the open sky and greenery all around. We stopped at one place to have some tea. I was given the responsibility of driving after that. I was a bit apprehensive initially as I was on the drivers seat of a bike after nearly a year – But soon got accustomed.
We reached Hemgiri falls after around 1. 5 hours of ‘biking’. And the view I saw there left me spell bound. It was not a natural waterfall but the water was falling from the top of a man made wall. This wall traveled for a long stretch making the whole scene a treat to watch. Bharath’s friends were already there and were having a great time.
We crossed the river and reached the rocks near the waterfalls. The water falling looked more beautiful from here. After changing into bare essentials we jumped into the cold waters. Everyone was playing around and having fun out there.
Soon the swimmers of the group decided to go down to deeper waters and cross over to near the top of the fall. I tried to test the waters but they were too deep for me. Instead, we went near the water fall and infact into it.
Standing below the water falling from such a height was an experience in itself. At that moment, I realized how much force water can exert on you. The force was so much that Bharath advised, not to bring my head in contact with the water. But gradually as my confidence of facing the wrath of the water increased, I put my head against its fury. I must say it was one of the most overwhelming experiences I had in my Life.
Soon, tired of the tussle, we headed back.
While going to such an excursion, one tends to be full of zeal, enthusiasm and bubbling with energy. And while returning, much of that initial energy is spent and what is left is a weak, tired but a satisfactory smile. Satisfaction of having experienced something new, something different, something which will be there with us for the rest of our lives. It was the same feeling that I experienced.