Nature Speaks..

>Some amazing faces of nature, captured beautifully by Ram during a trip which we 5 school friends took to Kasauli. Trying to lent voice to the nature here.
(The credit of the basic idea of this blog also goes to Ram ji)

Where There is a Will, there is a Way

There are mountains to climb and hardships to endure.. the important thing is to keep the faith

The poison flowing on to the tree – sucking the life out of it.
(Note the difference in color of the victim tree and others around it)
The fight between the Green and Grey continues

Human Nature – One never stops once he has achieved something – after climbing one peak, he looks for other, higher peaks. They look beautiful from far. Once on it, may be you feel more cold

How often in Life do you find yourself in such a situation – which way to go – difficult to decide

Among the hills, the greenery, the lovely weather, the onset of spring stands a lonely, deserted, sad tree – trying to analyze where he went wrong

Heading Uphill

Back to the Curvy, green roads after a Long time

It was Diwali time and it was a rare occasion that we old friends were at one place at one time. Plans to go uphill were being made for quite some time before actually meeting.

Awesome view

Initially the plan was to go to Shimla and spend more than a day there. But at the last moment the plan was changed to Kasauli – a one day trip.
Lolly was at the wheel with me giving him company in the front and Rompy and Anki at back.

Studs – Lolly, Rompy and Anki

And it felt nice to be on that curvy, green road after a long time. We carried on at a leisure pace – reliving the old days and in between about days to come. The weather couldn’t have been better – on a slightly cooler side with sun shining.

Reached Kasauli

Soon the plains gave way to the hills and then hills to mountains. We reached Kasauli in around 2 hours and instead of going to the town we climbed further ahead. The view was awesome there. I have been to many hilly places, but the difference here was that we could see the plains far below us, which is not the case when you higher up like shimla.

View of the Plains from top

We sat down, clicked some DCH kind photos and many other non DCH photos(around 200), climbed small hills, lay down under the warming sun.

Deja vu – DCH

Will this time come again (as rompy renamed this foto)

At around 2, we moved back and had a heavy lunch with Butter chicken and Tandoori Chicken at Chawla’s at Dharampur on the way.

Having Fun

While Anki and Rompy dozed away in the rear, I tried hard to stay awake in the front failing once for a small-few second nap. Thankfully Lolly didn’t have any such naps. Else we would have been lying in some gorge – right in the nature’s laps.
It was a refreshing sojourn as is the case with any trip to the hills.

Leaving fond memories behind…