A Visit to Orissa

Marking the Chilika Lake on the map used to be a popular question in the geography class. It was time to see the lake in real – though the view was from a distance.

But the view was beautiful. The national highway 5,which runs parallel to the east coast of India perhaps gets its best view here when it slowly rises along the lush green small hills overlooking the lake.

A smaller road branches out of NH5 to take you to Brahmpur – a typical small town which maintains its old charm with narrow lanes and wells in some backyards. The modernity seems to be catching up albeit gradually.

An interesting sight was the pandals being put up on street corners with multiple pandals next to each other, competing for the highest volume. Through the night these pandals showcase story telling in traditional dance and art form. Sadly, by the time the festivities started around midnight, we, tired by the long day and journey, were asleep – unperturbed by the loud volumes immediately outiside.