Shots from Heaven

>These are some of the shots I took at 30,000 feet above sea level..

A window opens and invites.

To Beautiful Spectacles and Sights

Clear Blue Skies

And Clouds spread out like Carpet

Makes me wonder

Is this heaven I am looking At

10 Responses to Shots from Heaven

  1. Mridula says:

    >I always like to look out of an aircraft window even if all I can see is the sky. Interesting pictures.

  2. SiD says:

    >@mridula:thanks for the coming and the comments Mridula!!i share the same view with you πŸ˜‰

  3. toolika says:

    >nic pics.i always want the window seat in a plane.

  4. Cuckoo says:

    >I have the same view as well. πŸ˜‰ It feels like as if one is in a different world altogether. Nice, beautiful pictures with equally beautiful words !! :))

  5. KT says:

    >hm… that’s well shot….I don’t know if you may have noticed… blend of science and art…. well if you at all happen to have a window seat closer to the wings look at the front portion of the wings. (When plane is cruising in the skies) the wing cuts thru the cushion of clouds and that is very visible if its a little dark….. you can see that and relive all the aerodynamic lectures!!! its a perfect blend of art and science…sadly I never happened to have a camera at those moments so cudn’t capture those pictures 😦

  6. SiD says:

    >@toolika: thanks for the comments :)@cuckoo: thanks for sharing the view ;)@KT: ya man.. i have seen those Aerodynamics in action… also the flaps coming down while landing to increase the downward thrust etc etc…

  7. Cuckoo says:

    >Oh my my..I am always short of words to say things, just try to experience the beauty, the serenity.. Must appreciate how well you guys explain it. :))

  8. SiD says:

    >@cuckoo: Apart from the beauty, these things called wings have always interested me… right from the first time I sat in a plane.. initially i used to ask my Non engineer parents… who didn’t have satisfactory answers but after engg you can easily relate and nuderstand things…:)

  9. White Forest says:

    >beautiful! πŸ™‚

  10. SiD says:

    >hi white forest (interesting name).. thanks for stopping by!!!

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